30,00 BAM

Price in Euros: 15 €

Registration and membership card fees are free of charge.
Membership needs to be renewed annually every January.

Membership benefits at NGO Marathon

Association “Marathon” Sarajevo invites you to join the team of enthusiasts and running fans and become a member. Membership provides a number of advantages.

Why should you become a member of NGO “Marathon” and what does it mean more precisely?
The Membership Card is for all runners, as well as for those who aim to become runners, and for all our friends who would like to be included in our activities.

Benefits of the Membership Card:

  • Entry fee discount for the Sarajevo Half Marathon (members fee 35,00 BAM / 18 €)
  • Entry fee (group) discount for races in the region for NGO Marathon Sarajevo members
  • Faster, easier, and cheaper money transfer for group entry fees for races in the region
  • Special accommodation discounts for group bookings for the races in the region; easier payment process for accommodation
  • Special prices and organization of group transportation to races in the region
  • Sponsored long distance trainings accompaiend by delicious food, refreshment and great company
  • Training plans adjusted for individual members’ objectives
  • Consultations on running and other trainings
  • 20% discount on sports gear at Intersport shops
  • 20% discount on all products available at BIONA web store
  • 10% discount on all Garmin products (Garmin BH)
  • 20% discount on the General Medical Exam for runners at the Al Tawil Clinic
  • 10 BAM discount for the monthly membership in BTC Fitness (all the trainings, 3 times/week and more)
  • 15% discount on trainings, sports massage and Normatec in Pro-Fit Health, Strength and Conditioning (PFHSC); 50% discount on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS test)
  • 15% discount in Muscle Freak stores (Importanne Shopping Center and Grand Shopping Center, Ilidža)
  • FitPass monthly card for only 50 BAM instead of 75 BAM (for 30-31 trainings per month – 1 traning per day)
  • Discounts at Trek Bike Center Sarajevo (discounts depend on the payment method):
    • Bikes – 7% to 12% discount
    • Biking equipment and accessories – 10% to 20% discount
    • Repairs and bike maintenance – 20% discount
  • 15% discount on CEBE and BOLLE sports sunglasses at BRACOM store

Apply for membership? - Fill out online form and then pay the membership fee.