Running School KLIX

Running School “KLIX” (for adults only) is a programme designed for beginners and recreational runners who wish to improve their level of fitness and knowledge about running and who will therefore train in two groups.

Participants will have outdoor group training sessions, three times a week based on a professionally designed training plan. Trainings will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.p.m. and Saturdays at 9.a.m. In case you cannot make it to the running session/training your trainer will e-mail you a weekly training plan so you run alone and can catch up with the group. Our trainers are experienced runners and managers who finished over 70 marathons and half marathons and have been running for decades.
The main aim of the Running school is to teach you proper running techniques so you can continue with running and pursue your new “sport” life. Another goal of this school is to prepare participants for Sarajevo Half Marathon. Of course, it is up to the participant to decide whether he/she would like to run the half marathon at all.

Running has plenty of benefits. E.g. it improves your health, helps you lose/control weight, relieve stress, makes you feel better and it is much more fun to run in a group with friends.

Running School Klix lasts for 7 months in two running cycles, starting on April 2nd 2019. Trainings will be mainly held on Vilsonovo Lane. Spring Running Semester includes 11 weeks of trainings (33 trainings) and its price is 110 KM. Summer Running Semester includes 14 weeks of trainings (42 trainings) and its price is 140 KM. If you choose to pay both semesters at once the price is 230 KM. Spring Running Semester starts on April 2nd and ends on June 15th. Summer Running Semester starts on Jun 25th and ends on September 28th. Before signing up for Running School Klix, we kindly advise you to consult your doctor and check if you are healthy enough to run recreationally.
For all additional information, you can follow us on Facebook via following link Škola trčanja “Klix”.

Be fit and stress free all year round! Improve your life habits and achieve your life goals! Run with friends under supervision and care of experienced runners!

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